Welcome to Wildland Trail Adventures, where challenging adventures meet warmth and family-like hospitality!

"With our fun and outgoing personalities, we run Wildland Trail Adventures, where you'll not only feel at home but also embark on thrilling adventures. Rest assured, we are committed to supporting you throughout your journey as we are there for you all the time!

Come and have an amazing adventure with us here in Swedish Lapland!"

- Martin & Kairi -


"Kairi and Martin are amazing and authentic persons who love what they are doing compared with a huge knowledge. Their thirst for adventure is transferred to the participants."
anonymous from Germany

"I had a great week in this beautiful country and enjoyed snowshoe hiking and meeting the sled dogs."
H.S. from Germany

"Getting out of your comfort zone is something every person needs to experience.
It is at that point when you clear your mind and start building up your mental strength."
Martin Kreek, nature guide in Wildland Trail Adventures

Wildland Trail AB
Kokträsk, Västerbotten, Sweden
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